The Life of PRMS: Jean Bates, Senior Vice President, Claims

Men wearing ties, women in skirts, smoking allowed in cubicles, no internet access, paper claim files, Tardive Dyskinesia from Haldol and dictation: wow how things have changed over the years. But, a claim has remained a claim and our core values have remained the same as we have strived to obtain our goal to obtain excellent claim resolutions for our clients – and excellent service in every area of PRMS.

During my 28- year tenure at PRMS, our claims team has always remained focused on getting the job done, and no matter what has been going on in the environment around us, we have worked together as a team to accomplish our goal. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with such professionals, and as their manager, they make me proud. I am also proud of all of my colleagues on the entire PRMS team for the commitment and support provided not only to our insured psychiatrists but also to the behavioral healthcare community they serve.

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