Behind the scenes at PRMS

Many of PRMS’ staff travel to meet our customers at exhibits, seminars, receptions and educational events.   Our customers get used to seeing their faces, and they become, collectively, the “face” of PRMS.  There are also PRMS faces you don’t see, but they are just as important to our operations. We would not be successful without them.

Spring is one of our busiest times of the year, and our back office is always going full speed.  Just last week we had four large mailings scheduled to go out the same day. This was the day that the bulk printer broke, the folding machine decided to be stubborn, and the postage machine thought it had run out of ink despite having just been filled. A call went out to the staff that all hands were needed to get the mailings out. Staff from every department responded, some who didn’t even know we had a “folding machine.” Printers were swapped around, human hands assisted replaced the folder machine,  and we used old-fashioned stamps, moistened and affixed by staff rather than the confused postage meter, to get the mailings out the door and to the local post office before it closed.

Next time you see a PRMS staff person on the road, remember that there are more back in the office, making sure that you have what you need, when you need it. We all owe them our gratitude for their contributions.

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