Need to Call The Program? Know How to Reach Us Quickly and Conveniently

At  PRMS, feedback is important and critical for us to serve you better. With each insurance renewal package, we include a feedback card. We regularly receive compliments from our psychiatrists on our comprehensive coverage and the knowledge and experience of our staff.

The one area where we can improve is our accessibility by phone. We know that psychiatrists are always pressed for time, and it’s no surprise that they are frustrated when they have to leave a voice message and begin a round of “telephone tag.” At the same time, we want to be able to communicate with you at your convenience (as much as possible), in a way that permits the full exchange of information and Q&As to ensure that the information is accurate.

I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions to reduce your frustration by letting us help you more quickly:

– Email us at Your message automatically goes to several different people, in several different departments at PRMS. It will get answered. (It also goes to me.) Even if you’d like us to call you back, this is a good way to start the conversation. Tell us when it would be best for us to call you. However, do not send any patient identifying information or details of any event, claim, lawsuit, or administrative action.

– If you call and reach voice mail, leave a detailed message, including when you can most easily take a reply phone call. We will call you back or If you prefer, give us your email address and we’ll send our answer to you.

– You can always email me I will make sure your message gets routed to the appropriate people within PRMS to respond to your inquiry.

– If you are seeking risk management advice, remember that you can reach the Risk Management Consultation Service (RMCS) helpline directly at 800-527-9181.

We want to get you the information you need quickly, accurately and completely. These suggestions will help us do that.