PRMS Celebrates 2023 National Nonprofit Day

Today on National Nonprofit Day, PRMS thanks the behavioral healthcare associations, societies, and organizations that serve the mental health community. We are proud to work with so many of the amazing organizations that offer education, support, advocacy, and more to their members through event sponsorships, educational opportunities, and partnerships. These organizations include:

  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry*
  • American Association for Community Psychiatry
  • American Association for Emergency Psychiatry
  • American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training*
  • American Association for Psychiatric Administration and Leadership
  • American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry
  • American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry
  • Arizona Psychiatric Society*
  • Association of Women Psychiatrists
  • Bronx District Branch
  • Brooklyn Psychiatric Society
  • Career, Leadership and Mentorship (CLM) Program for Residents
  • Central California Psychiatric Society
  • Colorado Psychiatric Society
  • Florida Psychiatric Society
  • Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association*
  • Illinois Psychiatric Society
  • Indiana Psychiatric Society
  • Indo-American Psychiatric Association
  • Iowa Psychiatric Society
  • Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association*
  • Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association
  • Mississippi Psychiatric Association
  • New Jersey Psychiatric Association
  • New York County Psychiatric Society
  • New York State Psychiatric Association
  • North Carolina Psychiatric Association*
  • Northern California Psychiatric Society
  • Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association
  • Orange County Psychiatric Society
  • Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society
  • Psychiatric Physicians Alliance of California
  • Psychiatric Society of Westchester County
  • Queens County Psychiatric Society
  • San Diego Psychiatric Society
  • Senior Psychiatrists, Inc.
  • Society for Liaison Psychiatry*
  • South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network
  • South Carolina Psychiatric Association*
  • Southern California Psychiatric Society*
  • Southern Psychiatric Association*
  • Washington Psychiatric Society
  • Washington Psychiatric Society Educational Foundation
  • West Hudson Psychiatric Society 

You can help PRMS continue our efforts to support the behavioral healthcare organization of your choice by referring a colleague to PRMS - start by visiting!

*event sponsorship


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Authored by PRMS.