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Celebrating 35 Years of PRMS: Reflections

In recognition of PRMS' 35th Anniversary this November, Tonya Davies and PRMS managers share their reflections on their time with the company.

Clients, Partners, and Friends –

We are thrilled to celebrate 35 years of PRMS this November, and we’re grateful to each and every one of you for helping us reach this milestone in our company’s history.

I have been at the helm of PRMS for two years - most of it during COVID. I had the opportunity to attend a few pre-COVID events, but the most memorable events were our November receptions in Washington, DC, 2019. Heading into the week I remember feeling cautious as I was experiencing a new world. It was a flurry of activity between PRMS history prep and being introduced to everyone. I especially enjoyed hearing the many stories from insureds and association partners who have partnered with PRMS for years and “grew up” with the organization. I remember everyone reflecting fondly while also making me feel welcomed. It was clear PRMS was appreciated by our insureds and partners and I had become part of something special. I look forward to creating more memories in the years to come! 


Tonya Davies, Chief Operating Officer

PRMS managers, many of whom are tenured 20+ years, share their reflections on their time with the company and how they’ve watched the business and world evolve throughout their careers below.

“Men in suits, women in skirts, smoking allowed in cubicles, dictation, no internet, no cell phones, and paper files. Wow, have things have changed over the past years. But our core values have remained the same. During my 32-year tenure at Professional Risk Management Services, our staff has remained focused on getting the job done. No matter what has been going on in the environment around us, we have worked together as a team to provide the best product, best service, and best resolutions possible for our insureds. It has been a pleasure to work with such professionals and as one of their managers, they make me proud for the commitment and support provided to each other, to our insureds and to the behavioral health community we serve.” - Jean Bates, Director of Claims, 32 Years of Service

“Even though I started with PRMS just over 24 years ago, I still feel like I have been around for just the blink of an eye. That’s because I enjoy working with the PRMS team and still manage to learn something new every day. We have some of the best clients to work with, and because they have dedicated their lives to help others, it makes me want, even more, to provide them with the best service and support possible.” - Megan Jones, Director of Insurance Services, 24 Years of Service

“I can’t believe it’s been more than 21 years since I joined PRMS! This really has been my dream job, from learning so much about psychiatry from a great mentor early on, to sharing knowledge with others, and working with a fantastic team of devoted Risk Managers. I remain grateful for the opportunity to share my risk management thoughts with psychiatrists - it is incredibly professionally rewarding.” – Donna Vanderpool, Director of Risk Management, 21 Years of Service

“Until recently, my 1.5 years with PRMS has been spent completely remotely, as I joined the company right as COVID closed the office. But even through a screen, innovating and navigating change alongside my team and fellow colleagues has been such an exciting learning experience. It’s no doubt that PRMS has reached 35 years because of the experienced and caring group behind it and our commitment to our clients and mental health. It really is true what our tagline says – we are much more than an insurance policy.” – Danielle Bolger, Director of Marketing, 1.5 Years of Service


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