The Life of PRMS: Victoria Johnson, Senior Agency Accountant, Finance

Twenty-two years ago, I was ready for a career change. In order for that career change to take place, I decided to try my luck and go to a temporary placement agency. Who would have guessed that this would have been one of the best career decisions that I could have made at that time?

The agency placed me with an assignment at PRMS to be the front desk receptionist. The assignment was supposed to be for one day only. The one-day assignment turned into a week and then a month. After the first month, I was asked if I could stay on indefinitely – little did I know that PRMS meant that to heart!

At PRMS, the path is always open for growth. A year later, I was promoted from a receptionist position to that of Accounts Payable Clerk and as I learned new responsibilities successfully, I was promoted to Accountant I, II and then III! Today I am the Senior Agency Accountant in the Finance Department.

With the encouragement of PRMS, during my tenure here I have obtained an accounting degree and have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with many experienced accountants and insurance professionals learning about both finance and insurance at every step of the way.

Now, 22 years later, I can honestly say that I am still overjoyed to be part of the PRMS team!


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