The Life of PRMS: Victoria Chevalier, Assistant Vice President, Underwriting

In addition to providing the best client service possible, a hallmark of PRMS is our ability to identify talented individuals and allow growth and new opportunities for our team. I am an example of that promise having started in 1998 as a temporary administrative assistant. A few months later, I was hired as a full-time assistant in the Underwriting Department and today I write this blog as the Assistant Vice President, Underwriting.

Born in Trinidad, I arrived in the United States first at age nine for a year and returned when I was 13. The transition at that age was difficult but I learned life-long coping skills and the importance of education. With this background, I bring a unique perspective to PRMS along with a rich understanding that we are indeed a nation of nations – as is often the case with many of our clients who also have immigrated to America.

Although my work experience prior to PRMS was limited, I brought organizational skills and a strong work ethic that was recognized by my supervisor. Today I manage a professional team of underwriters and daily have the privilege to work with psychiatrists. The mentoring and the sharing of knowledge have helped me grow in my role. I was encouraged to obtain my property/casualty license and most recently, obtained my RPLU status (Registered Property Liability Underwriter). Through the years, I have learned not just about insurance but most importantly about mental health and the dedicated psychiatrists who care so deeply for their patients.

And not only did I grow professionally during my 19 years at PRMS, but I also was so fortunate to have started a family. PRMS has always put family first and thus, I am able to balance work as a working professional with meeting the needs of my immediate and – at times – extended family.

When I came to PRMS, I felt like I had come home. And that goes to the core feelings of family, service, opportunity and recognition.

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