The Life of PRMS: Jackie Palumbo, Executive Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer

The insurance industry was the farthest thing from my mind when in 1976 I put my pursuit of becoming a teacher on hold and joined the workforce. I signed up with a temporary staffing service that placed me in a short-term clerical position with ISMIE, a newly created physician-owned medical malpractice company in Chicago. This temporary position shortly became a permanent underwriting position and 11 years later I was ready to spread my wings further and moved to Los Angeles where I joined The Doctors Company (TDC) as an underwriting manager. Next, my career path took me back to the Midwest where I became Director of Underwriting at PIC-Wisconsin (now ProAssurance). A few years later, I was on the road again working with HealthCare Underwriters (now MLMIC), in upstate New York as their Director of Underwriting and Education.

Finally, I landed in Arlington, Virginia in 1996 joining the incredible team at Professional Risk Management Services, Inc. (PRMS) specializing in the management of a national program for psychiatrists and behavioral healthcare practices. I have learned from some of the best leaders in the medical professional insurance industry and worked with talented risk managers, claim adjusters, agents, brokers, actuaries, marketing and legal experts. At PRMS, I have also had the opportunity to mentor and develop new underwriting talent through the years. It is a pleasure watching these underwriters develop skills and expertise, become successful managers, serve as experts on industry panels, and participate in underwriting association leadership roles. Some might say my original dream to become a teacher has come true!

And most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to psychiatrists including developing products that best serve their needs.

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