The Life of PRMS: Christine Gray-Knight, Senior Litigation Specialist

I began my career with Professional Risk Management Services in the Claims Department in 2005. However, I started my insurance career many years ago handling automobile and injury claims for a major insurance company and felt this move to PRMS would be a good  transition that would allow me to grow using my insurance background to assist psychiatrists with legal issues.  Every day is a new and different challenge and an opportunity to expand  and share my expertise with colleagues who are as eager as I am to assist our clients with hands-on, personalized service, providing expertise and support throughout the claim process.

Because of PRMS’ standards and my desire to provide the best quality service for our clients, I have pushed myself to become more knowledgeable in the insurance field by obtaining my CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) designation.  In addition, based upon the quality of profesionals  here at PRMS, I have had the opportunity to continue my learning experience from my colleagues who freely share what they have learned over the years.  I think I can say without a doubt that we are one of few companies who have a record of staff longevity throughout the organization, which speaks not only to our dedication as employees but also to the way the company values its employees.

I have enjoyed my time at PRMS thus far and hope to continue my experience here until my retirement.

Cristine Gray-Knight, Senior Litigation Specialist

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