Meeting Season

Right after Labor Day each year, “meeting season” starts. From early September through mid-November, it seems every psychiatric organization holds a meeting; our goal is to attend as many of them as possible.

In the past nine weeks, PRMS staff attended more than 50 meetings throughout the country.  These included APA district branch meetings, US Psychiatric Congress, Northern California Psychiatric Society Psychopharmacology Conference, regional AACAP meetings, and others. It can be grueling for some staff who travel a lot, but we have always done it. Why?

The primary answer is simple – we want to meet you face-to-face, talk to you about our service, answer your questions and thank you for your continued support of our efforts to be essential to your daily practice. We derive so many benefits from these meetings that we ourselves meet once each week to review what went on at each one, what questions came up, what we can improve on the next time, and so forth.

There’s another answer as well.  We want to learn what you are learning when you attend the various CME courses offered at these meetings. We know that you’ll be challenging us with your new knowledge, and we want to be ready to respond appropriately. Whether it’s a presentation on a new FDA-approved procedure, a discussion of a change in a particular state’s “duty to warn” law, or simply an update on the latest research into the effectiveness of tried-and-true medications, you expect us to know about it, and we expect no less from ourselves.

The next time you’re at a professional meeting, look for us. Talk to us, challenge us, and tell us how we’re doing.