Life of PRMS: Wendy Faulkner CPHRM, AIC, AIC-M, Associate Director of Claims

As the Associate Director of Claims at PRMS, I co-manage our claims team of Litigation Specialists by providing oversight and mentorship to our very talented staff.

I began my career at PRMS in August 2021. For 25 years, I have managed medical professional liability claims. I hold two industry certifications in Insurance Claims – Associate in Claims (AIC) and Associate in Claims - Management (AIC-M). I am a “hybrid” in that I am also a Certified Professional Healthcare Risk Manager.

While working at Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland, a physician insurer, I gained valuable experience in both insurance Claims and healthcare Risk Management. I also have experience working in academic healthcare institutions, which include The Johns Hopkins Health System and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. With Third Party Administrator, Vertical Claims Management, I worked as a Claims and Risk Management Consultant/Lead Auditor. Immediately prior to joining PRMS, I served as Director of Risk Management at the United Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Not to sound cliché but I was in the right place at the right time, in front of the right people! One of my former colleagues shared this PRMS opportunity with me, for which I am so grateful. For 24 years I managed multi-specialty medical malpractice claims, but I had not exclusively managed psychiatric claims. What attracted me to PRMS was a natural intrigue of managing psychiatric claims. Our clients’ cases are multifaceted and very interesting.

I love helping our clients, especially supporting them as they manage the stressors associated with being sued or having an action filed against them. It is rewarding to be able “hold their hands” and provide peace of mind while they are working through the burden associated with facing a claim. I also enjoy working with our talented claims team. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in managing our client’s claims, many of which have highly complex issues. I learn something new every day from both our clients and my colleagues!

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