The Life of PRMS: Rich Stagnato, Account Manager

My first experience with PRMS is when I called to schedule a job interview.  The human resource manager was not available so Victoria Chevalier, one of the agents, bent over backwards to make sure that I met the team.  Victoria did not have to take the call but she wanted to assist me.  This positive experience left me with a great impression and I knew I wanted to work with this supportive group of people.

After I joined PRMS, I saw firsthand how truly helpful my colleagues are.  Our claims examiners not only defend lawsuits, they defend psychiatrists’ reputations.  Also, our risk managers thrive on sharing their expertise to reduce liability risk, thereby allowing our psychiatrists to sleep better at night.  Finally, my fellow agents and I make sure our clients have a policy we would want for ourselves if we were in practice. 

We are committed to helping psychiatrists and have never rested on our “laurels,” never taking for granted the opportunity to serve our clients.  I see how our program has expanded and changed over the decades to best meet new practice parameters as well as the challenges and trends in the practice of psychiatry.  In recent years, for example, we further enhanced the policy to cover changing risks, offer more access to CMEs, provide 24/7 access to insurance certificates, send timely alerts and allow convenient ways for a doctor to change practice locations.

Several years after I joined the company, I decided to leave for a new opportunity to work for another medical professional liability insurance company insuring all physician specialties.  It was interesting work and they had a nice team, but it was just not the same.  Psychiatrists are unique in their compassion for patients. And I missed the PRMS team thus I should not have been surprised when I rejoined PRMS a year later. 

And I never looked back. 

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