"See One, Do One, Teach One"

Every physician knows the three steps of experiential education: first you watch over someone’s shoulder, then you get to try it yourself, and finally you demonstrate mastery by teaching the next group of neophytes. This could well be the earliest form of education, since at its most basic, it doesn’t require anything to be written down nor does it even require the teacher and the student to speak the same language.

So what’s the point? Simply this: we came across a resource for those of you who want to learn about electronic medical or health records (I.e., EMR or EHR).  It sounds like Dr. Daviss is using the SODOTO method, because he’s asking his readers to share their experiences after he gets the “course” started.  Once you’ve read of others’ experiences you’ll have the chance to detail your experience, both good and bad, in adapting to this new technology.