Resolutions: Now What?

How’s your new exercise program going? Have you lost five pounds yet? Mine’s going nowhere and I’ve gained weight.

More importantly, have you stuck to your resolution to improve your risk management skills? We make it easy for you.  We have short, focused papers on the issues that bedevil psychiatrists in their daily practices:

– Do I have to release this patient’s record to her estranged husband’s lawyer? 
– Am I adequately performing suicide risk assessments?
– Do I know who’s authorized to consent to treatment of my patients who are children of divorced parents?
– Is it OK for me to terminate a patient who refuses to get tested for lithium levels and kidney functions as I prescribed?
– How can I be sure I’m maintaining adequate documentation of my treatment?

If you’re one of our customers and we don’t have an article that addresses your concern, call our Risk Management Consultation Service (800-527-9181). Last year, our risk managers spoke with almost 3,000 of your colleagues, helping them sort through difficult clinical and administrative issues.

We can’t help you lose weight, but we can help lighten your stress level.