We Would Love to Talk to You!

PRMS staff spend a lot of time on the road, traveling to meet and talk with our customers, and prospective customers, wherever they may be.  In the past year, we’ve attended more than 20 psychiatric-specific meetings including:

  • – APA district branch meetings
  • – APA Annual Meeting
  • – US Psychiatric Congress,
  • – American Society of Addiction Medicine,
  • – American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry,
  • – Academy of Psychiatry and the Law,
  • – American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Programs
  • – Southern Psychiatric Association.
  • – Institute on Psychiatric Services
  • – American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • – American College of Osteopathic  Neurologists and Psychiatrists


Further, we’ve been invited to speak with psychiatry residents at 15 different institutions, introducing them to basic concepts and vocabulary terms they need to know when they go out to buy their own liability insurance, as well as the fundamentals of risk management in psychiatry.

So what am I doing besides presenting a travelogue? Just this – we welcome the opportunity to speak with your group, whether it’s a large inter-disciplinary psychiatric group practice, or a residency program, or a psychiatric specialty group. In fact, we often say, if there are going to be more than three psychiatrists in a room, we want to be there.

Over the last 25+ years PRMS has been serving psychiatrists, we have amassed unique expertise in understanding the liability exposures psychiatrists face. We have handled from beginning to end 20,000 claims, lawsuits and potential claims against psychiatrists, and we learned something from each of them. We want to share our knowledge, in the hope that if you’re not already our customer, you will be, and if you are our customer, you’ll continue to honor us with your trust.

I can’t guarantee that we’ll say yes to every invitation, but we’ll do our best. We’re NOT looking for honoraria or expense reimbursement. We cover those costs ourselves. If your group meeting is open to exhibitors, sponsorships or grants, please let us know. We will certainly consider supporting your meeting in that way.

In short, contact me and let me know what you need.

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