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When we at The Psychiatrists’ Program packed our bags for the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting in Hawaii, we brought our usual arsenal of convention personnel and materials. Of course we brought our most important assets, the PRMS staffers: our team of expert risk managers, underwriters and claims examiners ready to talk with psychiatrists and answer their questions. We brought our complimentary materials as well: the stacks of risk management articles and tips we share with psychiatrists seeking information on increasing their patient safety and reducing liability risk.

This year we combined our booth giveaways with a little, unscientific experiment: If a psychiatrist could only choose four of our risk management materials, which would they choose? In order to keep our finger on the pulse of practicing psychiatrists, we kept track of which materials were selected. Which tips were the most popular? What might this say about the environment of working psychiatrists today?

The results were interesting, pointing both to emerging liability trends and mainstay risk concerns. So what were the results of our experiment to gauge the most popular risk management materials at the 2011 APA Annual Meeting? Survey says…

– Most Requested: Electronic Health Records: An Overview of the Risks and Risk Management Advice
– (tie)
Minimizing the Risks of Patient Non-adherence
– 2nd Most Requested:
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: What You Need to Know
– 3rd Most Requested:
Documentation of informed Consent: When Should Use of a Form Be Considered
– 4th Most Requested:
Malpractice Liability for Forensic Activities: Liability in the Absence of a Treatment Relationship
– 5th Most Requested:
Myths & Misconceptions: When Investigators Come Knocking

If you did not attend the APA Annual Meeting, you can still request the above materials. Contact us and request any or all of the above complimentary risk management articles.

In addition, we invite you to look at our website for free risk management materials relating to some of these most-requested tips and articles. Judging from those results, you may be interested in information on our website that corresponds to the most-requested information at the Annual Meeting, such as:

Electronic Health Records: An Overview of the Risks and Risk Management Advice
Register for Free, Electronic Updates on Drug Warnings
Forensic Psychiatrists: Treating versus Forensic Role
Tutorials on General Psychiatric Topics

If you are interested in learning more about individual or group coverage with The Psychiatrists’ Program, learn more about our features, benefits and discounts on our Coverage page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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