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December 2011

Happy Holidays from PRMS! On behalf of everyone at PRMS, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and for a new year full of happiness and good health. In lieu of holiday cards this year, we have made a donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). We applaud and support the advocacy and dedication of NAMI to ensure access to help the millions of people affected ...

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It seems that for psychiatrists, the last two weeks of December are times of either feast or famine.  Some psychiatrists say it’s very busy in their offices. They attribute this to rising stress and waning sunlight; patients wreaking havoc on the appointment book for travel, shopping, entertaining, and having kids at home; student-patients home from college checking in; last mi ...

A Guest Blog by Donna Vanderpool, MBA, JD, Vice-President of Risk Management When physician acquaintances find out that I make my living assisting physicians in managing their professional liability risk, they always want to know the one thing that they can do to avoid being sued for medical malpractice. There is no panacea, of course; nothing can actually prevent all lawsuits. ...

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A nationally syndicated advice column last week dealt with the issue of how to politely but decisively suppress any conversation with a talkative stranger (in a waiting room, or on a plane, etc.). One suggestion: tell the stranger that you sell insurance for a living. Alas, we in the insurance business have heard this before.  Insurance talk is boring and confusing at best, and ...


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