First PRMS Partners in the Community Grant Winners

First PRMS Partners in the Community Grant Winners

Advancing Mental Health Support and Advocacy

To further Professional Risk Management Services’ (PRMS) enduring dedication to supporting mental health and the organizations aligned with this cause, we proudly launched the PRMS Partners in the Community Grant (PPCG) this past Spring 2024, inviting partners to nominate local non-profits that enhance mental healthcare in their communities for a chance to receive grant funding that allows our partner to develop further programming, create member volunteer opportunities, and strengthen existing collaborative efforts.

The winning organization and three runners-up were announced May 4th during the PRMS and Southern Psychiatric Association annual reception held in New York City. The PPCG grand prize winner of $3,000 nominated by New York County Psychiatric Society, Janian Medical Care, delivers mobile psychiatric and primary care services around New York City and will use the grant funding to acquire a new device to improve patient treatment.

Three-well deserving runners up were also recognized and awarded a $2,000 prize each – Jackson Free Clinic in Mississippi, Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Service in New York, and Partnership for Male Youth in Washington, DC. We are honored to highlight each of the four winner’s missions, ranging from supporting women to helping the homeless, below.

Innovating Mental Health Support for New York’s Homeless Population

Janian Medical Care

Nominated by the New York County Psychiatric Society (NYCPS) for the PPCG, Janian Medical Care at the Center for Urban Community Services delivers psychiatric and primary medical care services to homeless and formerly homeless individuals in New York City, providing passionate and seamless care to people facing complex medical and mental health illnesses.

NYCPS’ President and Janian Medical Care psychiatrist Dr. Alan Rodriguez Penney introduced this organization to his district branch and works on the innovative care delivery team, Intensive Mobile Treatment. The team engages with and treats individuals in New York City by providing flexible, easily accessible, long-term, and person-centered care with the ability to treat patients across complex systems. NYCPS plans to use the grant to acquire the Athelas home device, which monitors clozapine toxicity and has already been adapted by many other mobile treatment teams to increase utilization of this life-changing medication. To support and learn more about Janian Medical Care, visit

Chris O’Gwen, FAIRCO Executive Vice President and CEO, presenting the grant to Dr. Daniel Brice Reynolds and Dr. Nicholas Apping of NYCPS.

Expanding Mental Health Services: Supporting Underserved Communities

Jackson Free Clinic

The Mississippi Psychiatric Association (MPA) nominated the Jackson Free Clinic (JFC) in Jackson, MS, for the PPCG. JFC focuses on its mission to serve as a leader in high quality health care, education, and community outreach for underserved individuals within the state who do not have health insurance or other means to access necessities such as clean water or shelter.

With this grant to the Jackson Free Clinic, MPA hopes to expand the psychiatric services provided by the clinic to better service Mississippians and enhance the lives of even more individuals in the community suffering from mental illness, brain disorders and substance use. Find out more about the Jackson Free Clinic and support its efforts by visiting

Chris O’Gwen presenting the grant to Dr. Dustyn Baker, Dr. Seth Kalin, and Dr. Philip Meredith of MPA.

Empowering Vulnerable Communities: Little Sisters for the Assumption Health Service’s Mission

Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Service

The Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Service (LSA) in East Harlem, New York, nominated by the American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry (ASHP), focuses on helping women and children – some of the most vulnerable individuals who face the most barriers to access care –meet the basic needs by providing food, healthcare, education, and safe homes. They believe that affirming families in their own dignity helps to improve the entire community.

The health center relies heavily on individual donations and foundation grants, and its Mental Health Services program has been hit by many barriers, particularly a lack of part-time and full-time workers. With this grant, ASHP hopes to provide more funding that can assist in the services Little Sisters provides to immigrants of Hispanic origin. To find out more about the Little Sister of the Assumption Health Service, support the organization, and get involved, please visit

Chris O’Gwen presenting the grant to Dr. Santiago Alvarez Lesmes of ASHP.

Elevating Adolescent Mental Health: Partnership for Male Youth’s Advocacy Efforts

Partnership for Male Youth

On behalf of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ASAP), Dr. Hector Colon-Rivera nominated the Partnership for Male Youth (PMY) in Washington, DC. PMY works toward addressing the mental health needs of adolescent and male adults, which have historically been neglected due to stigma and misinformation.

ASAP and PMY have been official partners since 2020, and with this grant funding, the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry plans to expand this partnership by providing faculty and other resources for PMY’s faculty programs, presenting at future symposia developed to enhance awareness for adolescent and young adult male mental health and other health concerns, and engage in more joint activities and share resources that maximize the availability of funding targeted to deliver these needs. To help and learn more about the Partnership for Male Youth, visit

Chris O’Gwen presenting the grant to Dr. Hector Colon-Rivera of ASAP.


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