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Guest Blog: Enhancing Wellness - Reflection with Coaching Questions

*This piece is republished from the Association of Women Psychiatrists Winter 2023 Newsletter’s Wellness Corner.

As part of our ongoing commitment to behavioral health, PRMS is pleased to feature Dr. Anjali Gupta, Association of Women Psychiatrists (AWP) Newsletter Editor, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Faculty Fellow at Gender*Justice Initiative at Georgetown University, as a guest blogger this month. Dr. Gupta poses questions to reflect upon the individual and organizational factors that contribute to physician wellness.

Physician wellness has been a national issue that pre-dates Covid, however, the pandemic has put additional demands on the healthcare workforce and enhanced concerns of well-being and burnout. Women physicians experience more emotional exhaustion symptoms and may be at higher risk for burnout.

In addition, women still spend more time on childcare and domestic responsibilities – tasks that were heightened during the pandemic. As we consider our new normal, finding time to cultivate resilience is only one part of enhancing wellness. Systemic, organizational factors also play a large role – creating a culture of wellness and efficient work environments are crucial to furthering physician wellness.

Consider the following questions to help you reflect on how you prioritize your own wellness:

  1. How do you utilize your strengths daily?
  2. How do your values align with the work you do?
  3. What brings you meaning and how much of your week constitutes these activities?
  4. What can you and your team do to enhance efficiency in your work environment?
  5. What can you and your team do to further a culture of wellness in your day to day?
  6. How are you prioritizing time for yourself amidst your tasks and to-do lists?


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