Guest Blog: Update on First PRMS GAP Fellowship in Child Psychiatry

Guest Blog: Update on First PRMS GAP Fellowship in Child Psychiatry

As a part of PRMS’ ongoing commitment to behavioral health, we invited Eunice Yuen, MD, PhD Child Psychiatry Fellow at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven, CT, to be featured as our guest blogger this month and reflect on her experience and accomplishments as the PRMS Fellow in Child Psychiatry with the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry.

As a child psychiatry fellow from the Yale Child Study Center and awardee of the first PRMS-Endowed Fellowship in Child Psychiatry with the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP), I am so grateful to PRMS’ support of my career throughout this fellowship. The experience has been an enormous recognition of and furtherance for my career, has allowed me to meet incredible individuals, and has provided me with vision on how to leave my mark on the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Through this fellowship, I was able to meet with many world-renowned adult and child psychiatrists at the GAP meetings held in both spring and fall of 2018 and 2019. Together, we recently published an article in the Journal of Adolescent Psychiatry entitled “Accentuate the Positive: Strengths-Based Therapy for Adolescents” – a concept, apparently, we all need to learn during this pandemic!  

Having this fellowship also gives me the drive to contribute to the field of child psychiatry and the commitment to make this world a better place for our children and families. In my final year of fellowship training, I have recently founded a co-op organization, CHATogether (Compassionate Home, Action Together), and through this initiative, we are able to promote emotional wellness in Asian American minority families.

CHATogether consists of students, colleagues, and friends who are passionate about supporting Asian American mental health. We use drama vignettes to promote emotional wellness in Asian child-parent relationships. Previous skits cover topics including COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ, and more. This past September, in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we developed a skit on the theme of depression and suicide. We create public education materials in child-parent communicational skills in multiple Asian languages, and we invite anyone interested in supporting CHATogether to join the organization, submit skit ideas, and provide language translation skills. We also have plans to expand the concept to other minority populations in the future. This past September, I was also able to present my grand round at the Yale Child Study Center on the mission of CHATogether. You can learn more about CHATogether and our work to support mental health in Asian American communities by visiting the organization’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Without the support of PRMS’ Fellowship with GAP, none of the above would be possible. I am so thankful that PRMS supports the efforts of the behavioral health community and nourishes the growth of child psychiatrists like myself, and I look forward to learning about the work of future fellows who will be able to share this wonderful opportunity.

Eunice Yuen MD, PhD with PRMS Associate Director of Risk Management, Charles David Cash, JD, LLM, ARM at the 2019 GAP Spring Meeting. 

PRMS is pleased to support a Fellowship in child psychiatry with GAP, the leading think tank for mental health. Interested in learning more about a GAP Fellowship? Visit to learn more about the application process.


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