Life of PRMS: Ashley Quattlander, Marketing Assistant

Only a year and a half ago, I was graduating from the University of Richmond with a degree in marketing. Fast forward a few months and I was beginning my first ever full-time position with PRMS as the new Marketing Assistant.

I knew for my first job I wanted to be at a company where I could develop and grow as a marketer and I have found that with PRMS. I have had the opportunity to work with a highly talented team who I learn from on a daily basis. From day one, they have exemplified how friendly and hard-working everyone is at PRMS. Who wouldn’t enjoy working with a team who takes you trapezing to get the creative juices flowing?

One of the most admirable qualities of working for PRMS is how it cultivates its employees. Continuing your education is encouraged and over the past year I have taken classes on design and social media marketing, making me a more valuable member to my team. I am grateful to work for a company that values its employees so highly and I look forward to a lengthy career with PRMS.



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