The Life of PRMS: Leigh Baker

The Life of PRMS: Leigh Baker, Head of PRMS Marketing

I joined the PRMS team two years ago in December 2014.  The role is one I have always hoped to find: brand development.  The scary part about joining this team?  I had spent most of my career in an entirely different industry with essentially no exposure to the intricacies of psychiatry and behavioral healthcare, let alone insurance!

Mostly I had worked in marketing for various publishers, developing and executing programs for advertisers that would meet their goals and generate revenue for the magazines.  This was not just selling print and digital ad space.  Our teams were tasked with being as creative as possible on all platforms with generally small budgets, requiring a great deal of innovative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.  While I enjoyed the incredibly fast pace and creativity of these positions, they didn’t allow me to become fully immersed in the brand I was ideating about.  I knew I wanted any future career choices to allow me to focus on one brand instead of many – a position that would allow me to dive deep into the brand itself to speak to consumers in a real way and drive the brand forward.

To learn not only a new style of marketing, but also an entirely new field was at times overwhelming.  But the past two years have been filled with so much growth.  By taking this step with PRMS, I removed myself from the flashy marketing lingo of fashion and beauty brands and learned the intricacies of medical malpractice insurance – it is fun to market a truly superior product amongst colleagues who truly put the customer first in all respects!  Furthermore, it is immensely satisfying to promote access to this important psychiatric protection.  Through this process, I have in turn been educated about psychiatrists’ work, practices, field of study, organizations and associations, patients, risks, concerns, and the behavioral healthcare community at large.  Even the changes I have seen in the field of psychiatry throughout these two years illustrate how much is constantly changing and being uncovered – there is always more to learn.

I am proud to be a part of a company that emphasizes the customer as much as PRMS does and always strives to be relied upon as an expert.  That is not flashy marketing lingo or sales tactics – it is truly how this company views its clients.


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