PRMS Supports the Troops

A guest post by Melanie Smith, Senior Vice President, Client Relations

It doesn’t take much.

Maybe a quick note or a cheerful card.

A colorful drawing by a child.

A care package.

No. Not much at all to reach out to our troops and to send a message of support their way.

For almost a decade, PRMS has actively supported our troops serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This volunteer effort strengthens our team as we work together to make sure that our troops know that they are not forgotten and that we appreciate their service. 

This project has been both a humbling and rewarding experience.

We once received a thank-you note that apologized for the delay in writing to us because “we have been really busy here.” Really? How incredible that this young Marine was concerned about following the “Emily-Post-etiquette-rules-of-response” when most likely he was under fire at some point of his tour.

Again, humbling.

Packages often include the basics such as eye drops, dental floss, flip-flops for showers, energy bars, tuna, drink mixes, batteries, supplies for birthday parties, notepaper, pens. Sometimes, a box might include school supplies, stuffed animals and sports toys for the children in the villages to be distributed by the troops. And we always try to send something fun such as a slinky which has proven to be a winning stress reliever of sorts! If you want to send a package to our troops, just go to and “adopt” a unit or two.

We recently expanded this project by turning our attention to those psychiatrists serving in the military or those who work with our veterans. We want to support these doctors who are so dedicated to their patients in need of mental health care. Thus, our PRMS risk management team has produced “Military Suicide Prevention Resources.”

Soon, another round of packing will begin – probably in time for the Thanksgiving holiday where we can show our thanks for the courage and commitment of those who serve in the armed forces.

  Melanie Smith – Senior Vice President, Client RelationsMs. Smith manages the marketing, sales and client relations functions for PRMS. This responsibility includes developing and implementing strategic marketing campaigns and communication activities to promote PRMS and client insurance programs in the healthcare marketplace. Ms. Smith has worked in the marketing, communications and public relations fields since 1979. She was employed by the American Psychiatric Association Office of Member and Staff Benefits prior to joining PRMS in 1986. Previously, she was Marketing Manager for an educational association. Ms. Smith earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations Management from George Mason University.