A Safe Bet

We’re offering a Risk Management Seminar in Las Vegas, NV, The Impact of Professional Liability Litigation on Physicians and Opportunities to Reduce Risk, on Friday, July 20, 2012. We believe the issue of litigation stress is an important one.  In this seminar, we help you with this issue.  Here’s the link to our website with details http://www.psychprogram.com/seminars/. You’ll note that the seminar is open to both psychiatrists and neurologists, whether you’re our customers or not. Current customers can attend the seminar free of charge.  If you’ve never had any experience with us, this is your chance to see PRMS at its best.

PRMS’s approach to risk management is simply stated: supporting you in providing good clinical care. We don’t believe that there are magic formulas, “bulletproof” forms and “one size fits all” models for providing good patient care.    

We provide our advice in print, online and, perhaps most effectively, in our Risk Management Seminars. Time and time again, the physicians we serve tell us that they want more seminars, in more venues. We hear them, and we’re acting on what we heard.

We hope that what you learn at the seminar won’t “stay in Vegas,” as the saying goes, but rather you’ll take what you learn back to your offices, clinics and hospitals and spread the word. Come and see what your colleagues rave about.   Email us for more information or to register.