Who’s serving you?

Insurance and risk management consultation are service businesses. In any service business, the credentials of the people providing the service are essential. We work in a competitive environment; there are many companies that sell medical professional liability insurance. We believe our staff sets us apart from our competitors.

For example, ten staffers are licensed as insurance agents, and seven are licensed claim adjusters. Most of these are licensed in multiple states and meet the annual or bi-annual requirements for continuing education in the states where they are licensed.

Several PRMS employees hold various insurance designations including the Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU), the Associate in Risk Management (ARM), or the Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designations. Other employees are working towards achieving these same designations.

PRMS counts among its employees three RNs and twelve lawyers, all currently licensed. Two employees hold CPAs. Six employees hold MBAs. (Note that there may be overlap – for example, one of the lawyers also earned an MBA, two of the three nurses are also lawyers, one of the claims adjusters is a lawyer and an RPLU, etc.).  One of our lawyers on staff used to be licensed as a pilot and a paramedic (although neither of these certifications is currently active). Another lawyer is licensed as an EMT.  These employees maintain their licensure with the support of PRMS. Their experience, from a variety of professional backgrounds, is brought to bear on the way we help our customers address the challenges they face in their practices.

At PRMS, we devote considerable time, effort and expense to hiring staff with excellent credentials from a variety of backgrounds, and then keeping our credentials up-to-date.   We do this not because we’re professional students or because it looks good on paper.  We do this because we enjoy what we do.  We also do this so we can serve you better.

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