Need Medical Malpractice Coverage. Now What?

A Guest Blog by Rich Stagnato, PRMS Accounts Representative

If you are not employed by a hospital or government facility, you will likely need your own medical malpractice policy.

You should research your medical malpractice insurance and risk management needs by reviewing policy and feature differences. Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable that the people you are buying your coverage from are the people you’ll feel comfortable working with in the event you need to file a claim (or talk about a potential claim).

Once you’ve made a decision, apply for coverage:

1. Contact us so we can send you an application by email, fax or mail. You can also download a copy at our “Apply Today!” section.

2. Write or type your responses on the application. You can type directly on our electronic application or apply over the phone by calling 800-245-3333 x389.

3. Fax, email, overnight or mail the application with a copy of your most recent certificate of insurance (unless you have been in training).

Forgot something? Don’t worry. We will contact you if anything is needed to complete the application process and cover you.

Rich Stagnato, PRMS Accounts Representative

Richard Stagnato rejoined PRMS in 2004 after almost a year as an underwriter at NCRIC. Prior to joining the company in 2000, he had been an insurance specialist for five years with the Boat U.S. insurance program. Mr. Stagnato is responsible for sales and procurement of individual new business, providing customer service, insurance counseling as well as obtaining competitive data on the medical malpractice market. He is a licensed Property and Casualty agent.