The first few years of private practice can be overwhelming given the many decisions to be made and the unique situations you will face. Are you prepared for the risks of private practice?

With coverage through PRMS®, you'll receive unlimited access to our risk management experts and many other resources to help you reduce your risk of lawsuits at no extra cost. Lawsuits can be vigorously defended, but the key is to avoid the lawsuit altogether.

Other important policy features and essential benefits include:

  • Up to 60% off your policy premium for the first three years of practice.
  • Administrative defense coverage up to $150,000 is included at no additional cost.
  • Coverage is included for telepsychiatry and forensic services.
  • Occurrence and claims-made policies are available.
  • Your consent to settle is required with no arbitration clause.
  • In more than 35 years of claims management, our team has handled over 31,000 psychiatric-specific claims in-house.
  • With over 83,000 risk management issues addressed, our helpline and resources can help reduce your risk and avoid claims.

Learn the top 20 ways psychiatrists increase their risk of a malpractice lawsuit or a board complaint. Access your complimentary copy of "Preparing for Private Practice," a comprehensive resource developed by our expert risk management team

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