As a psychiatrist, you face unique risks in your practice. Our in-house risk management team offers PRMS® educational programs to address these psychiatry-specific risks as well as provide strategies to help you improve patient safety and minimize your professional liability exposure.

PRMS is ACCME Accredited with Commendation, placing us in the top 21% of CME providers in the United States. All of our live programs are developed in-house by our expert risk managers and delivered in an engaging format in various cities throughout the country.




With the growing need for mental health treatment and the nation’s shortage of psychiatrists, psychiatrists today are being asked to see patients with conditions or in age groups they have not previously treated and for which they do not have subspecialty certification.  Whether you are in a rural area without an addiction specialist, or a general psychiatrist being asked to treat minors and geriatric patients, we will offer strategies in caring for those patients while at the same time managing your own risk.  Those with subspecialty training will also benefit from these risk management reminders.

Additionally, the program will address the topic of medical marijuana.  With the legalization of medical marijuana by many states (despite federal prohibition), psychiatrists are likely to be faced with requests to recommend/certify patients for its use.  As this is not typically part of training, you will need to be prepared to handle these requests and also to treat patients who may be using marijuana, whether facilitated by other providers or used recreationally (legally or illegally).

Finally, the course will close with a virtual poster contest, where videos of residents’ research posters will be presented and attendees will be asked to vote for the best poster.

These courses are free for residents, fellows, and PRMS clients. We offer discounted rates for ECPs and members of various psychiatric associations.

May 17, 2019
San Francisco, CA
June 22, 2019
Arlington, VA
September 28, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
October 11, 2019
Chicago, IL



We are pleased to provide the risk management courses necessary to comply with the regulatory course requirements of the New York Excess Malpractice Insurance Program. Courses are offered online and in-person FREE OF CHARGE to PRMS clients.

Basic & Follow-Up Courses (Policy Years 2018-2019 / 2019-2020)

Who should complete the Basic Course?
• Any New York psychiatrist as required by his/her employer or excess insurance company, OR
• Any New York psychiatrist who has never taken an excess course

Who should complete the Follow-Up Course?
• Any New York psychiatrist as required by his/her employer or excess insurance company, OR
• Any New York psychiatrist who completed the Basic Course in 2017 or earlier, OR
• Any New York psychiatrist who completed the Follow-Up Course in 2017 or earlier

Clients can log into My Program to access online courses through PRMS U or click below to register for the in-person Follow-Up course in NYC.

Please note: Information regarding New York Excess courses for the 2019/2020 policy years will be available soon. PRMS clients will be notified via email. 


Online courses are available for PRMS clients and can be accessed by logging into PRMS U.