As a leader in proactive risk management education, we are pleased to offer a unique educational program, PREP®, at no charge to groups of psychiatry residents.

PREP, the PRMS® Residents' Education Program, provides an overview of practice-related risk management issues -- topics which often are not formally addressed during the course of residency training. Psychiatrists who will soon be making critical decisions about their own professional liability protection need to be familiar with these concepts.

The PREP course has been developed to meet the needs expressed by Residency Training Directors. Furthermore, the material in this program supports ACGME competencies (System-Based Practice and Interpersonal and Communication Skills).

PRMS has provided PREP courses to various residency programs for over 15 years. Learning from our vast experience handling claims against psychiatrists and calls to our risk management helpline, we have amassed a unique body of knowledge which forms the basis of our efforts to teach specific risk management strategies.

Thank you for your interest in PREP! To learn more or to schedule your free PREP® session, contact Donna Vanderpool, MBA, JD at (703) 907-3895 or

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