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4/5 physicians have experienced a cyberattack.

2017 AMA and Accenture survey

Tools and Resources for Psychiatrists Related to Data Security

We are pleased to announce that PRMS® clients now have complimentary access to the eRiskHub powered by NetDiligence®. eRiskHub is a private, mobile-friendly website that provides tools and resources to help you understand your data security exposures, establish a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach on your practice.

In recent years, the consequences of breach of confidentiality have increased significantly given state and federal laws governing the breach of patient and consumer information. Along with the increased regulation is the incentive for wrongdoers (internal and external to your practice) to access and steal your patients’ information without permission. Protected health information is reportedly going for ten to fifty times as much as credit card information on the black market.

To help mitigate the risk of breach, eRiskHub is now available to assist psychiatrists in their technical efforts to secure patient data and effectively manage cyber risk.


Security FAQs and the ability to submit security questions for the FAQs

  • The ability to submit questions for the FAQs
  • Free consultations with a HIPAA Coach
  • Free cyber risk self-assessments
  • State breach notification laws
  • Data breach cost calculators
  • Policy templates
  • Model confidentiality agreement
  • HIPAA compliance checklist
  • HIPAA Updates archives
  • Cyber risk stories
  • Security and compliance blogs
  • Security news
  • Risk management events
  • Industry links


If you are PRMS client, log into My Program or email ClientServices@prms.com for instructions.

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If you ever experience a privacy breach, you can rest assured that PRMS has you covered. Our comprehensive medical professional liability insurance program includes robust medical license and HIPAA investigation or civil proceeding defense coverage along with breach management expenses such as costs related to patient notification and credit monitoring.

Should you experience a data breach event, please contact your PRMS Claims Examiner immediately or call (800) 245-3333.