Thank you for continuing your relationship with Professional Risk Management Services (PRMS) and allowing us the opportunity to service your medical professional liability insurance needs.

We periodically conduct policy and coverage reviews to assure you are provided with complete and accurate coverage for your psychiatric practice. The following information addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding the renewal application process.

I received a letter in the mail advising that I am required to complete a renewal application. Why am I being asked to complete this?

We periodically conduct policy and coverage reviews to assure you are provided with complete and accurate coverage for your psychiatric practice. The insurance carrier also requires this application from all of our clients to review and update accounts.

This process also gives you the opportunity to update your records and, in the process, you may have become eligible for certain discounts.

How do I access the renewal application?

Visit Select if you are an individual or group then select the state for the majority of your practice. Then click on the link to access the .pdf file designated for your state.

What happens if I do not return this document?

Your completed renewal application is required to renew your coverage. To avoid any lapse in coverage, it is advisable to return your application promptly – before the date listed on your notification letter. If the application is not returned before the date referenced on your notice letter, you will receive a non-renewal notice and your policy will no longer be active on your renewal date.

If you receive a non-renewal notice, please return your application immediately and it will be reviewed and processed by an underwriter.

What should I expect after I return my application?

An underwriter will review and process your application and will contact you with any questions. Once reviewed and approved, your proposal and invoice will be sent to you to pay and complete your renewal process.  Application review is prioritized by renewal date. Please note: Due to the volume of renewal applications currently being submitted, the review process could take several weeks.

I submitted my application today, when should I expect a response?

Once we receive your completed application, an account advisor will review the document. Upon acceptance, your renewal proposal, invoice and/or finance agreement will be mailed to you. Payment will then be due 30 days prior to your renewal date as indicated on the invoice. Please note: Due to the volume of renewal applications currently being submitted, the review process could take several weeks.

Do I have to complete a renewal application every year?

No. You are required to submit a periodic renewal application. Most clients will be asked to return an application every four years and you will be notified when a renewal application is required.

Should anything in your practice change, always alert Client Services within 30 days to ensure that you remain fully protected.

Practice changes may include:

  • Practice location
  • Scope of practice, such as addition of telepsychiatry or forensic services
  • Email or mailing address
  • Changes in your practice structure – if you have formed an entity such as a corporation, partnership, LLC, or D/B/A – or have employees or independent contractors.

Due to Covid-19 my practice has changed, how do I answer the questions?

Your answers should reflect your current practice situation. If you make any adjustments to your practice after you submit the application, you may contact us to update your record. Should anything in your practice change, always alert us within 30 days to ensure that you remain fully protected.

I am practicing more telepsychiatry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How does this affect my responses?

Answer the appropriate questions based on your current practice situation.  We understand your practice may change in the future as you return to a physical location, you may contact us at that time to update your record at that time. Should anything in your practice change, always alert us within 30 days to ensure that you remain fully protected.

I don’t remember what my policy information is currently on record. Where can I find this?

For your convenience, we have enclosed a personalized overview of your information in the letter that notified you of your need to complete an application. You may refer to this document to complete the document. You can also view your policy information in My Program.

If you have not already registered for My Program, your Certificate Number and Policy Number are listed in the renewal letter your received to assist in the creation of your online account.

I don’t know what my current effective date/limits/coverage type is, where can I find this?

With your renewal application renewal letter, you received an attachment that outlines your policy information. Please refer to this document to help you fill in the appropriate details on the application.

I need to provide additional information or explain my answer to a specific question. How to I provide you with this information?

As you complete the application, we understand you may have questions or want to provide clarification, please use the "additional notes" section on page six of the document. Upon review of the document, we will be in touch if we have any further questions or need more information.

You may also provide explanation in the body of your email when you return the application to

I am not sure how to answer a question on the application, how do I proceed?

As the return of the renewal application is time sensitive, please complete the application to the best of your knowledge and to reflect your current practice situation. You may use the “additional notes” page to clarify any responses. Once you submit your application, the underwriter will follow-up if they have any additional questions or need clarification.

The renewal application asks for a percentage of time on practice specialty and by location type. I am not sure of the exact percentages. How to I respond?

Please use your best estimate. You can base it upon your last quarter or several months of your practice. We understand during the COVID-19 pandemic that your practice locations may have changed. Please document your current practice situation. More importantly, if your overall practice hours change to over 20 hours a week or to under 20 hours a week, please notify us when that change happens.

PRMS is currently managing a claim for me, do I need to submit the additional information requested in the application?

No. If PRMS managed or is managing an event. claim or suit, you do not need to submit the additional information. The underwriter will follow-up if additional information is necessary.

How do I fill out the application?

When you click on the link on the .pdf file will either open up in a new tab on your browser or open up with Adobe Reader on your device. It is advisable to save the .pdf directly on your device before filling it out.

You will see blue areas on the application. You may type your responses directly in those boxes. To sign the document, you may type your name in the signature squares as an “e-signature”.

How do I save my renewal application to my device?

In your web browser:

  • To save a PDF, click the Save Fileicon  in the toolbar at the bottom of the PDF view.

In the Acrobat Reader Application:

  • To save a PDF, choose FileSave or click the Save File icon  in the toolbar at the bottom of the PDF. The Save As dialog box is displayed. Choose the location where you want to save the PDF and then click Save.
  • To create a copy of a PDF, choose FileSave As.

 If you need additional guidance regarding using Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe website for additional save and view details .

I do not have the program to open the .pdf, how do I download it?

You will need either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open the renewal application. For more information, visit the Adobe website for instructions based on your operating system. Instructions are also provided based on the browser you are using:

 If you need additional guidance regarding using Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe website for additional save and view details .

I can not see the fields to type in my responses. What do I do?

Some smartphones and tablets are not compatible with Adobe .pdf documents and do not show the appropriate fields. It is advisable that you switch devices and/or download and save the .pdf to your computer. Due to some incompatibility with Adobe .pdfs on some devices, smart phones such as iPhones are not recommended when completing the .the document.

Alternatively, you may print out the document and write your responses directly on the document and return it to after scanning the document or send via fax to 703-276-9530.

I have completed my application, how do I submit it to you?

Please ensure you have saved the document to your device. Attach the document to an email and send back to or fax to 703-276-9530.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the return of this document and delays in the mail service, it is advisable not to send via postal mail at this time.

How do I attach the file to my email?

Attaching the renewal application file is the same as attaching any other file to an email. Most email services have the same basic steps to attach an email.

  • Open a new email message window, usually by clicking the "New Message" or "Compose Email".
  • Click on the menu item with a paperclip icon that says "Attach a file" or something similar (e.g., "Attach Files")
  • Browse through your computer's folders and click to select the files/folders you want to attach.
  • Click the "Open" or "Choose File" or another similar button to attach the file to your email.
  • Then continue composing your email to and hit send.

As there are multiple email services and providers, we recommend viewing this article or doing web search for your particular service for step-by-step instructions.

How do I sign the document?

In the signature box, you can type your name in the space. This serves as a digital signature for this document.

Or, you may print out the page and scan the signature page and send it as a separate file. You may also sign and take a picture of it with your phone and attach it to your email with the application.

Why do I need vicarious liability (VL) coverage?

When you have a private practice entity or other providers who are your employees/contractor, you have a vicarious liability exposure.  This means you and your practice can be sued for your providers’ actions.

The simplest example is liability arising out of the employer-employee relationship.  If an employee harms someone in the course of their employment, the law will hold the employer responsible for the employee’s actions.  In psychiatric practice, for example, if a nurse you employ improperly draws a blood sample, resulting in harm to the patient, you will be held legally responsible to compensate the patient for the damage suffered. This legal doctrine goes by the Latin term “respondeat superior,” or ‘let the master answer’.

Even if you are a solo provider, if you have an entity, vicarious liability covers your corporation/entity’s exposure if your entity is brought into the suit.

What practice structures require vicarious liability?

If you have a private practice that is incorporated (e.g., P/LLC, DBA, PC, PA or s-corporation) or have an unincorporated name, you must complete a practice structure/vicarious liability application.

If your practice structure is any of the following please complete the Vicarious Liability application:

  • Employer of other professionals
  • Contractor of the services of other professionals
  • Professional corporation (PC)
  • Incorporated Solo Private Practice (e.g., “John Doe, MD, Inc.)
  • Professional partnership/association
  • Fictitious name entity or DBA
  • Any version of a limited liability corporation (LLC) - Join Venture, incorporation, associates, etc.

I have other healthcare providers who are employees, do I need to submit anything for them?

If your business has healthcare providers who are co-owners, employees or independent contractors, please include a copy of their current malpractice insurance (e.g. Certificate of Insurance, COI) if they are not a PRMS active client.

What if I practice alone and do not have anyone else I employ, partner or consult with?

If you have a corporate entity, even as a solo provider, your entity can also be sued. Vicarious liability coverage will insure this risk.