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What is tail coverage?

Tail coverage applies to claims-made policies and allows you to report a practice-related legal proceeding (e.g., a lawsuit) after the policy has been cancelled for incidents that occurred during the coverage period. PRMS® may be able to transfer your retroactive date (the first date of coverage on your old policy) to a new Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO) policy with PRMS, accepting all of the risk and providing you with continuity of coverage.

Do I need tail coverage?

If you currently have a claims-made policy, you do not always need tail coverage in order to make the switch to PRMS. Claims-made policies are often referred to as portable policies because you can easily transfer them to a new insurer. For example, the PRMS insurer (FAIRCO), would pick up the coverage back to the retroactive date or first date of coverage, accepting all of the risk and providing continuity of coverage for you.

If you have an occurrence policy, you do not need tail coverage at all.

Either way, you may not need tail coverage to switch to PRMS!

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