As we begin a new year, our PRMS® Risk Managers have a few key resolutions to consider in 2021. Given these tumultuous times, we have reduced the number of resolutions this year. You may already be doing everything suggested below – if so, keep up the great work!  And if not, you may find these resolutions useful to your practice – it’s never too late to start implementing!

  1. When treating patients remotely, I will check on licensure requirements in the state where the patient will be located at the time of the visit (if different from my state).


  1. I will be proactive and create a plan for the unlikely event of my sudden unavailability or inability to practice.


  1. I will continue to address cybersecurity to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of my patient’s health information.


  1. I will consider using a suicide assessment tool when evaluating patients’ suicidality.


  1. I will check the relevant state’s Prescription Monitoring Program when prescribing controlled substances.


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